Wagons might not appeal to enthusiasts as much as a low-slung coupe or a hot hatchback. However, combine that high level of practicality with performance and you end up with the perfect solution for a one-car garage. Audi with its RS4 and RS6 Avant models and AMG with the C63 and E63 Estate have been serving this niche for a long time. What has BMW been doing all this time?

Aside from offering M Performance versions of the 3 Series and 5 Series Touring models, it’s been working on the first-ever M3 Touring. It’s finally here (well, not in the United States) to fill the void left after the M5 Touring E61’s demise more than a decade ago. The problem is we’re living in 2023 when luxury cars are ridiculously expensive. Consequently, you end up with a wagon that costs more than €172,000.

A new video puts the spotlight on a high-end version of the M3 Touring. The all-wheel-drive super wagon flaunts a Frozen Pure Grey metallic paint from the Individual catalog that costs the equivalent of €4,400 in Switzerland where the video was shot. It also happens to have the M Carbon Exterior Package (€5,300) and the carbon ceramic brakes available for a steep €12,000.

Add into the mix the laser headlights, Merino leather, and other trinkets and you end up with a 3 Series Touring that costs roughly as much as the defunct M760i with its mighty V12 engine. That’s not to say the Audi RS4 Avant or Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate are bargains compared to the M3 Touring. Much like its two main rivals, the long-roof M3 comes only with an automatic transmission and AWD.

BMW has recently hinted it might revive the M5 Touring for a third generation to follow the super-rare E34 and V10-powered E61. It goes without saying it’ll cost even more, and we won’t be too surprised if a fully loaded configuration will hit the €200,000 mark in some European markets.

Source: crospotter13 / YouTube