BMW and Chinese company Vivo unveiled about a year ago the iQOO9 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition and now there’s another BMW-themed smartphone. This time around, the automaker has joined forces with Samsung and SK Telecom in South Korea to sell the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition. Based on the tech giant’s recently unveiled flagship phone, the device takes inspiration from the iconic M3 E30.

Apart from a special boot animation with the famous three M colors, there’s nothing truly special about the smartphone itself. However, it does come bundled with a nice box paying homage to the original M3 while the hard case has the G80’s hood and polarizing kidney grille. Other niceties included with the purchase are no fewer than six emblems illustrating various eras. In addition, there’s a vintage BMW Motorsport roundel introduced last year when M celebrated 50 years since its inception.

The list of goodies also includes a tiny air compressor, an analog watch, and a sunglass holder. In addition, the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition comes with a poster, a photo book, a “We Are M” metal logo, and a key ring to switch between the six detachable emblems. Other items we’re noticing in the top image include a red brake caliper and a carbon-coated exhaust tip.

The regular smartphone isn’t exactly affordable to begin with, so it goes without saying all these BMW M trinkets make the Galaxy S23 Ultra even more expensive. Case in point, it’ll set you back a hefty 1,727,000 won or $1,370 or €1,278 at current exchange rates. Available to order until February 13, the device is limited to 1,000 units and is offered in the 512GB version with 12GB of RAM.

To sweeten the pot, the buyer also receives a Starter Pack Voucher for the BMW Driving Center located in Incheon. A professional instructor will provide useful tips that will help the person learn to be a better driver.

Source: BMW