There’s a new product in M Town, but you can’t drive it. Instead, those looking to match their BMW performance cars with other devices can buy a new smartphone with the three stripes. Chinese company Vivo through its iQOO sub-brand has launched a special edition of its latest phone. It’s not the first time the two brands collaborate, having unveiled the BMW-branded iQOO 7 in 2021.

This time around, we’re looking at the iQOO 9 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition. Aside from the iconic M stripes, the device gets a white glass rear panel with a carbon fiber texture for better grip. Of course, it’s also a nod to Bavaria’s fast cars and their carbon fiber accents inside and out. Buyers also get a black box with a faux carbon-fiber finish to further drive the point home.

To sweeten the deal, iQOO throws in a rubber case with the same design as the smartphone’s rear. In other words, it retains the M stripes and looks as if it has no case at all. Those stripes run across the entire back of the device, save for the large hump for the cameras. You also get a special BMW wallpaper, but that’s about it.

It Does Look Quite Sleek

Alternatively, the iQOO 9 Pro can be had without the BMW M branding. In this case, the glass rear is replaced by a vegan leather back. Some will remember the ZTE Axon 7 was created in collaboration with BMW Designworks, a California-based global creative consultancy owned by BMW.

Smartphones are just one of the many branded products you can buy as BMW has branched out in other domains to bolster its profits. Most of the other automakers are doing the same to capitalize on the power of branding outside the main domain. From T-shirts and jackets to watches and umbrellas, there are many ways to spend money beyond the car itself.

Should the iQOO 9 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition pique your interest, SlashGear recently reviewed the smartphone.

[Source: iQOO]