I’ve been excited about the Spectre since Rolls first announced it. There are two brands that are absolutely perfect for electrification: MINI and Rolls-Royce (oddly, both fall under the BMW Group). The latter of which has always been a brand about opulence, comfort, and quiet. No powertrain on earth is better at those three things than a finely tuned electric powertrain. Rolls-Royce and electrification fit together like fish and chips. So you can imagine my jealousy when I saw that Autocar has the chance to test out a prototype Spectre in South Africa.

The prototype Autocar test was only 60 percent finished, according to Rolls-Royce. While the main bits of the car are finished, that 40 percent that’s unfinished is mostly calibration stuff, to make sure it’s absolutely perfect and exceeds customer expectations. However, judging by Autocar’s initial prototype review, it seems like it’s pretty damn good already.

According to Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the brand’s customers would buy the car even if it had a V12, instead of electric motors, which was actually the goal. According to Müller-Ötvös, Rolls wanted to create the best Rolls-Royce coupe, regardless of powertrain, and electrification was just the best choice. Obviously, that’s marketing nonsense, Rolls has to get with the electric program like everyone else. However, there is some sliver of truth to it.

The dual electric motors in the Spectre are ever bit as powerful as the outgoing V12, only quieter and smoother. If you’ve ever driven a V12-powered Rolls, you might not think that’s possible but electric motors are unmatched in their silky smoothness. They also help the Spectre achieve a level of quiet in its cabin that no other Rolls can match. In fact, according to Autocar, it’s almost too quiet, to the point where you lose all sensory connection to the outside world.

More importantly, it seems to feel like a Rolls-Royce should. Its steering is light but accurate, its suspension is impossibly comfortable but always composed, and its power delivery is as immediate as any impatient billionaire could hope for. It’s a proper Rolls. We can’t wait to finally test the Spectre once it’s finished.

[Source: Autocar]