BMW hasn’t been involved with Formula 1 since 2009, when it ended its partnership with the Sauber F1 team. However, BMW fans have been hoping for a Bavarian return to the sport ever since. Despite fans calls for a return to F1, BMW has remained committed to other forms of motorsport instead. But should that change? Should BMW re-enter Formula 1, especially now that the sport is going to change drastically by 2026?

New F1 Hybrid Tech in 2026

In 2026, Formula 1 will look very different than it does today. For starters, it’s going to sport different powertrains than it currently does, with far more hybrid assistance and sustainable fuels. So when it comes to alternative powertrain technologies, F1 is going to be the sport to be in. There are other forms of motorsport with hybrid and electric power, of course, but none of them have the prestige of F1. And since BMW is looking to introduce far more electric technology in the coming years, having its hybrid tech in F1 would go a long way to increase brand recognition. It would also lend genuine motorsport credibility to its hybrid and electric cars.

Another reason why BMW might want to get back into F1 is its competition. For 2026, Audi, Porsche, Ford, and potentially even Cadillac will be competing in the world’s most exciting motorsport. Audi and Porsche announced they’d enter F1 for 2026, with Audi even partnering with BMW’s old flame, Sauber. Ford announced that it would be joining Red Bull Racing as an EV tech supplier, too. And while it isn’t a done deal just yet, Cadillac joined Andretti Autosport to try and start an F1 team. While the FIA hasn’t approved a Cadillac team just yet, there’s a very good possibility that it happens.

With many of BMW’s main competitors in F1, sucking up tons of attention and motorsport fame, BMW might be convinced to return. It would certainly increase the excitement for fans, who would get to see one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands racing in the most prestigious motorsport of all. It would also be great to see BMW go head-to-head with Mercedes, who’s been on top of F1 for many years.

Could Supply Engines Only

BMW doesn’t have to start or even join a team to be a part of F1. It could do so as an engine supplier, like it did with Sauber and Williams. Starting in 2026, F1 powertrains will require both a large 350 kW electric motor and an internal combustion engine. BMW could provide one, or both, to an F1 team, lending credibility to its hybrid powertrain tech.

Should BMW get back into Formula 1 in the coming years? Absolutely. BMW has several successful motorsport teams in different racing series’ but none are even close to as exciting or as famous as Formula 1. F1 was always the biggest motorsport in the world and it’s only become bigger since Netflix’s Drive to Survive became so popular. With Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Ford, and maybe even Cadillac involve in F1, BMW is going to be the odd man out, come 2026. So the answer is, emphatically, yes, BMW should get back in to F1.