The E28 is among the most beautiful BMW sedans ever made but this is no ordinary second-generation 5 Series. It started out in life as a 1986 535i equipped with an M30 engine making about 180 horsepower from a 2.8-liter unit. The original inline-six has been removed by owner Jeremy to make room in the engine bay for a larger mill with substantially more punch.

At the heart of the E28 is now a V8 used by BMW in the 1990s for the subsequent E34-generation 5 Series. This M60 also powered the original 8 Series Coupe as well as the 740i fullsize luxury sedan during the E32 and E38 generations. The 3.0-liter variant was good for 215 hp whereas the larger 4.0-liter configuration made a healthy 282 hp.

There’s more to this classic sedan than the engine swap as the impeccable 5er has some lovely upgrades, chief of which are the louvers on the rear window and 17-inch BBS wheels. Although this was originally built to North American specification, it has the European bumpers lending the front and rear a much cleaner look. They don’t stick out as much as they do on the US-spec E28, which had them due to stricter safety regulations.

The deep black E28 also happens to have the Euro-spec headlights along with a chrome mirror borrowed from its predecessor, the original 5 Series E12. The generous use of chrome and a trunk lid spoiler nicely round off the exterior styling of the executive sports sedan.

Step inside and the peanut butter color of the leather upholstery lends the executive sedan a sophisticated look. There’s also a vintage Nardi steering wheel previously used by Jeremy in a different build to nicely complement the reupholstered seats. Another modification is the Rennstall RSKT2 shift knob. Even though it was manufactured 37 years ago, it looks immaculate on the inside and has an intact dashboard.

This custom E28 is a labor of love and it looks like it has a bright future up ahead despite its venerable age.

Source: StanceWorks / YouTube