BMW E28 5 Series - Buyer's Guide

BMW E28 5 Series – Buyer’s Guide

E28 BMW: A History of the Classic 5 Series When it was launched in 1981, most folks were surprised that the new BMW E28 5 Series looked like a facelifted E12. The 1972 E12 5…

E28 520i: Rediscovering  BMW's Golden Era

E28 520i: Rediscovering BMW’s Golden Era

The Cars: VW Golf GTI and BMW 520i Looking through some old photos the other day, I chanced upon one taken in December 1982, just before Christmas, in fact. In the picture, we see not…

How Does the New G60 5 Series Stack Up Against the Other Generations?

Best BMWs of the 80s

Best BMWs of the 80s

Car design in the 1980s took a bit of a radical turn. We saw incredible vehicles like the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Countach, and the DeLorean DMC-12. But for BMW, the 1980s represented a bit of…

Trios – Delightful and Disappointing

Trios – Delightful and Disappointing

I had a bit of a brain hiccup recently that prompted me to think of cars I’ve driven that disappointed me and immediately thought of three cars. These are not necessarily cars I loathe, rather…