With the debut of the i Vision Dee, BMW has sent out another strong message confirming that the future of its brand is full electrification. In our series of articles brought to you by Enphase, we looked at several different topics about EV ownership. Our cost to charge article explained just how much you could save by switching to home charging, and we reviewed the benefits of outdoor BMW EV charging. But maybe the most important reason for us as BMW enthusiasts to embrace home charging is because that’s exactly where the future of BMW’s brand lies.

More EV-related articles brought to you by ClipperCreek powered by Enphase. ClipperCreek has been a pioneer in the EV charging market since 2006 with Level 2 AC charging stations. You can catch our first three articles here: Buying Your First BMW EV, BMW EV Ownership: Terminology, Charging, and Battery Health, How To Get Tax Rebates for Installing a Home EV Charger and Benefits of Outdoor BMW EV Charging: Personal and Commercial.

Home Charging is Unlikely to Change in the Future

ClipperCreek outdoor charging

One hurdle preventing some people from installing charging stations at home or at their business is the fear of futureproofing. Technology is fast-moving and constantly changing, and it makes sense to tread carefully. But charging technology is largely where it will remain – at least for home applications. Sure, there’s a chance that in the far-off future, BMW wireless charging could become a thing, but that’s still many years away. Buying a home charging station isn’t the equivalent of finally getting dial-up in 2006 – it’s more akin to upgrading to fiber internet.

What About Hydrogen?

BMW is one of the very few automakers considering alternatives to the alternative. While electric is the heir apparent to powering the world’s automobiles, BMW remains very invested in other options, specifically hydrogen. To that end, it appears BMW is following the best for the time – willing to go in other directions should the infrastructure and technology allow it. But even if hydrogen does become widespread enough to consider, it will almost certainly feature an EV component.

Why the EV BMW Future Looks Bright


Though I generally approach the EV revolution with a bit of skepticism and a dash of trepidation, there are indicators that BMW is going about it the right way. We’ve driven all of the current electric vehicles and have been shocked in some cases by how good they are. Despite losing the undeniable personality of a BMW engine, they almost invariably drove better than any competitors. Plus, we aren’t the only ones that think so – outlets like Car and Driver seem to love them. BMW has managed to retain its fun-to-drive reputation – even after internal combustion.

Don’t get left behind. Though gas power isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s clear that electric vehicles are here to stay. Thankfully, BMW has shown dedication to the continued production of fun-to-drive cars. So get ahead of the curve by installing a charging station at home (or at your business), so you can continue enjoying the exciting array of BMW vehicles right around the corner.