Wireless charging seems to be an important step to be reached by the automotive industry right now. The rise of electric cars translates into an increased level of attention offered to everything related to them, including charging. If you ever owned or spent a couple of days with an EV you probably know that the biggest hassle is charging the car. Therefore, BMW is working hard on wireless solutions to make life with an EV seamless.

The Bavarians announced the first car in their line-up that will support wireless charging last year. It’s the BMW 530e but, so far, the technology hasn’t been made available. Today, news came down the line that a pilot program has been set up in California to see how things would work out. In order to sign up you need to apply through a short survey found on the Qmerit website. This survey is meant to figure out if your home is eligible for Wireless Charging or if a different option might be better for you.

If you’re approved, a local dealer will supply you with the a BMW 530e fitted with a Car Pad Module which is basically an inductive plate located underneath the car. All costs, expenses and expenditures associated with the initial installation, maintenance and de-installation of the Ground Pad Module will be funded by BMW. Once deemed eligible for the Pilot Program, simply contact your local BMW Center for leasing options on a BMW 530e with CPM.

In order for your application to even be considered you need to be a California resident. The vehicle must be charged in an enclosed garage and participants must agree to comply with the program’s guidelines as well as return the components provided by Qmerit for this purpose.