A couple of years ago, BMW partnered with Italian bicycle manufacturer 3T Bikes to make some bikes together. Now, the two brands are partnering together once again but this time 3T will be the exclusive bike maker for BMW. There will be six different bikes to choose from, some of which are pedal-powered and some have electric motor assistance. There’s the BMW Exploro Gravel, Exploro Road, and Exploro Urban. Each of those three bikes all have their own electric version, totaling six new bikes.

3T Exploro Gravel

The BMW 3T Exploro Ultra Gravel ($4,999) is the brand’s most versatile bike, with the ability to remove road courses and dirt trails equally. With a fully carbon fiber frame and handlebar, the Exploro Gravel is lightweight, rugged, and easy to use. It gets 12 electronic forward gears, thanks to the SRAM Rival XPLR, as well an 8.5 kg (19 lb) weight. It also comes with beefy tires for a proper gravel warrior – Fulcrum Rapid Red 900, 650b.

3T Exploro Ultra Gravel Boost

The Exploro Ultra Gravel Boost (7,999) is essentially the same thing as the Exploro Gravel, except it has a bit more power than just its rider’s legs. A small electric motor from MAHLE powers the rear wheel and tire, while the rest of the specs remain the same. The motor does add weight, though, as the total weight jumps to 11.5 kg (25 lbs). It also features the same Sram Rival XPLR cassette and a Rody Alloy 650b wheelset.

3T  Exploro Racemax Road

Instead of being designed for versatility, the Exploro Racemax ($5,999) is designed for speed. It’s still made from carbon fiber but it’s lighter than the other models, with an 8 kg (18 lb) total weight. It’s designed for smooth, comfortable speed on tarmac and it’s said it can handle the occasional dirt trail but its focus is on speed. Once again, the cassette is provided by Sram – Rival XPLR. You can spec the bike with a set of road or gravel tires.

3T  Exploro Racemax Road Boost

Like with the Exploro Gravel, the Racemax Boost ($8,999) is the same basic bike, just with an electric motor from MAHLE. That added weight brings its total up to 11 kg (18 lbs). It also comes with gravel-ready wheels and tires – 3T Discus 45 | 40 700c.

3T Exploro Ultra Urban

The Exploro Ultra ($4,999) is designed more for relaxed, comfortable cruising. So its seating position is a bit more upright and its tires are a bit oversized. It’s designed more for style and comfort than anything else. Without the motor, it weights 8.5 kg (19 lbs). Yet, thanks to the very same Sram Rival XPLR 10-44 cassette, you can still travel pretty fast.

3T Exploro Ultra Urban Boost

Adding an electric motor to the Exploro Ultra ($7,999) brings its total weight to 11.5 kg (25 lbs), but it doesn’t matter much because it isn’t about speed or performance. Instead, it’s about comfort.


There is no official confirmation from BMW yet, but according to 3T Bikes, BMW will stop making bikes on its own after 2023. Therefore, 3T Bikes is officially going to be building BMW’s bikes for the foreseeable future. See the full list here: https://3tforbmw.bike