Romania might not be such a big market for BMW, but the regional division sure knows how to throw a party. To celebrate the 2023 7 Series’ arrival, the purely electric i7 posed for the camera next to all six previous generations of the fullsize luxury sedan. The family portrait was shot at the Automobile Bavaria Băneasa showroom in Bucharest, the country’s capital and most populous city.

More than 200 guests were invited to see the seven cars, some of which were quite special. For example, the E32 and E38 were of the ALPINA variety while the G12 was represented by the Individual THE NEXT 100 YEARS. Launched in 2016 to celebrate BMW’s centenary, it was a V12-powered special edition limited to 100 cars based on the M760Li. As shown in one of the images, each car came bundled with a fancy Centennial Fountain Pen.

With Romania being part of the European Union where emissions regulations are increasingly stricter, there’s sadly no V8 option anymore for the 7 Series. With the G70 generation, BMW has retired the V12 engine of the M760i globally. For the time being, Munich’s luxobarge can be ordered locally in the 740d, 750e, and M760e flavors, all of which come with xDrive as standard. Naturally, the i7 is also available and kicks off from €132,447.

Coming in the summer of 2023 will be the flagship i7 M70 packing 660 horsepower and over 737 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-meters) of torque from a pair of electric motors. In other markets outside of Europe, BMW also sells the 735i and 740i with inline-six gasoline engines, along with the V8-powered 760i. For the time being, you can’t get a gasoline-fueled 7 Series in Romania.

As a final note, the first BMW 7 Series customer in Romania attended the event. Businessman George Copos purchased a 7er back in September 1994. He was joined by Romania’s most popular football player ever, Gheorghe Hagi.

Source: BMW Romania