Inflation escapes no one. Costs are going on all products, everywhere, and premium motor vehicles are no different. Which is why it’s rumored that 2023 BMW models will be facing price increases across the board, with some reaching as high as 3.7 percent.

According to a leaked internal memo, seen on the i4Talk forum, every 2023 BMW model will see a price increase. Not all of them will be as high as 3.7 percent, though. However, what’s interesting is which models will face the highest price increase. The BMW 330e plug-in hybrid is the victim of the aforementioned 3.7 percent increase. However, almost all 3 Series model variants will get increases of larger than three percent. As one of BMW’s biggest volume sellers, it’s a surprise that the 3 Series would see the highest increase.

The smallest price increase will be 1.2 percent, which goes to the BMW i4 eDrive35 and the X4 M40i. Most of them are somewhere in the two percent-range, though. So it’s a pretty decent price hike for all cars.

That’s annoying to customers who were hoping to buy a 2023 BMW, as they were likely planning for one price and now it’s higher. And while two or three percent might not sound like much, on a $50,000 car, that ain’t nothin’. However, it’s also not entirely unexpected. Inflation is hitting the car market pretty hard at the moment, without many signs of it slowing down. So maybe customers could have seen this coming. Still, it’s not fun to have to pay a thousand dollars or two more for a car you were already planning on buying.

This report isn’t concrete, however. We’ve reached out to BMW for a comment and have yet to receive a response. We’ve also reached out to dealers we’re close with and have heard these increases could be real. We’ll update this as we get more info.

[Source: i4Talk]