The BMW E30 has been a tuner favorite ever since its inception back in the 1980s. Here we are, some four decades later, and the second-generation 3 Series is still very much relevant in the aftermarket scene. A spectacular build completed for this year’s SEMA was a convertible equipped with a Live to Offend body kit designed by Khyzyl Saleem (Kyza).

Riding low on a custom air suspension, this 3er is not a convertible in the truest sense of the meaning since it has no top whatsoever. It also happens to lack the hood to hide that would hide a beautifully modded S52 borrowed from an M3 E36. The engine transplant came along with a six-speed transmission sourced from an M3 E46 and a limited-slip differential from a Z3 M.

Image by Jim Perry | DrivesTV

The bonkers E30 convertible started out in life as a 1992 325i with an automatic before being radically changed with true M upgrades to earn its badges. Before going through the major transformation, the car was in pretty rough shape and changed hands for only $1,000. Finishing the project for SEMA wasn’t easy since it had to be done in about 28 days from the moment the painted body shell was ready.

Those bulging fenders host Rotiform LHR wheels tailored made for the car to echo the BBS RS set and come wrapped in Toyo R888 tires. As for the interior, enthusiasts will immediately notice the heated Recaro seats have been covered in fabric upholstery harkening back to the E36’s Hurricane pattern of the 1990s.

Even if the car isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, we all have to admire the amount of work and dedication that went into preparing the E30 convertible for SEMA in so little time. The team at Das Erbe Collective worked 10 to 12 hours on a daily basis to have it ready for the show.

Source: Larry Chen / YouTube