A car is more than just a mélange of metal and plastic parts as owning one for an extended amount of time comes along with both happy and sad memories. Such is the case here with a BMW 3 Series Convertible from the E30 era, specifically a 1991 model in the 325i specification. It was left for dead at a lake house in a garage before being taken out and moved onto a trailer on the driveway.

The droptop 3er has been neglected for more than five years, ever since the family’s dog passed away. It was never driven again after that moment, but it’s now been brought back to life. Louie decided to surprise his parents by getting the BMW pampered by the pros at WD Detailing from Ohio. The E30 was in a pretty rough shape, at least visually, full of dirt and grime after being ignored for an extended amount of time.

An automatic model riding on 14-inch classic wheels, the 325i was in desperate need of attention. There are only a few things more satisfying than seeing years’ worth of dust being rinsed away from the body. Pressure washing the fabric folding roof worked wonders and WD Detailing also spruced up the engine bay and polished the body.

Stepping inside, the first order of business was to wash the floor mats before removing the seats to properly clean the floor. One tidbit we weren’t expecting to see is the old-school phone, which surprisingly still works according to the owner. The last step was to put everything back in and clean the inside of the windshield.

It’s safe to say she was more than satisfied with the outcome and the shiny E30 brought back memories of when her son was sitting in the front seat as a child while the dog was in the back. While many videos you see on YouTube have people expressing fake emotions for clicks, it’s not the case here. Her reaction is 100% genuine and we can see Louie being handed the keys at the end.

Source: WD Detailing / YouTube