Many enthusiasts raised their eyebrows when BMW unveiled the XM plug-in hybrid SUV. They’ll have a hard time criticizing the new 3.0 CSL because it’s a purist’s wet dream. With M’s most potent inline-six engine ever routing power to the rear wheels via a manual gearbox, it’s hard not to fall instantly in love with the resurrected Batmobile.

BMW M CEO Franciscus van Meel takes us on a tour of the new 3.0 CSL, the pinnacle of the M division’s year-long celebrations marking 50 years of the “world’s most powerful letter.” It may not look as spectacular as the 2015 Hommage concept, but the connection is pretty obvious. We believe the fresh take on the kidney grille won’t spark the controversy the M4 did when the G82-generation model debuted in 2020. Multiple retro touches like the front fins, round air intakes, and the big wing at the back pay tribute to the 1972 model.

Beefier fenders and centerlock gold wheels set it apart from any other M4 out there. The bridge to the past is further strengthened by the Alpine White paint with the famous three M colors and a massive “50” logo on the sides. Other references to the iconic E9-era 3.0 CSL include the classic Motorsport roundels and the roof edge spoiler, along with the model’s designation on the tailgate and “M Power” lettering on the wing.

Not included in the original announcement but mentioned in the video by the M boss is the top speed of over 186 mph (300 km/h). As a refresher, the M4 CSL upon which the new 3.0 CSL is largely based is electronically capped at 191 mph (30 km/h). But while the M4-badged car is sold with an automatic transmission, the car featured here comes only with a six-speed manual featuring a white gear knob.

A birthday gift to the M division and 50 fortunate customers, the 3.0 CSL is believed to cost €750,000.

Source: BMW M / YouTube