While back, PSI (Precision Sport Industries) made headlines with a G80 BMW M3 Competition build. One of the biggest reasons why the build became immediately popular was due to its front end. PSI is one of the first tuning companies to use Vorsteiner’s new grille mod for the G80 M3, which changes the look of BMW’s toothy new grille design. Some like the new look, others don’t — it’s incredibly polarizing. Either way, check out this new vide from Larry Chen to see it up close.

The Vorsteiner grille is interesting because it doesn’t so much change the grille as it attempts to distract from it. Essentially it removes some of the grille slats and adds a horizontal bumper bar that bisects the grilles. The idea is to make it feel less like two giant kidney grilles and more like two smaller one above the horizontal bar and two air intakes below it. Does it work? Not really, to be honest, as it still looks like the same grille, but many fans do think it looks better.

PSI then did something to spice up the style a bit, wrapping it in Porsche’s Ruby Star, which is a sort of vibrant metallic fuchsia (look at me, knowing colors). Interestingly, PSI tried to get BMW to paint the M3 Competition in Ruby Star from the factory, through the Individual program. However, the M Division decided against it, as it’s a Porsche color.

So they bought the M3 in Isle of Man Green, an admittedly excellent color. However, once the Ruby Star wrap was released, they had it installed and now it looks like a reverse watermelon, according to Chen’s followers, as you can see the original green paint in the door jambs with the doors open.

This specific BMW M3 Competition also wears lightweight Rays wheels, an aerodynamic kit, and a roof box. It’s a pretty awesome looking M3, if you ask me, and the wrap is most of the reason why. [Photos: PSI]