Awhile back, YouTuber Joe Achilles started out on a project to turn his BMW M2 Competition into a proper track car but one that could also be used on the road. After all, he owns a BMW M3 Competition and is will soon be swapping it for an M3 Touring as soon as it’s available. So his M2 Competition could become a track-day car, as it’s no longer needed often. Now, his M2 “Clubsport” project is finished and he took it to the track to properly enjoy and share the experience with others.

Why are we bringing this to you? These sorts of videos can be incredibly helpful for enthusiasts and owners who are looking to upgrade their own cars, as they can not only provide inspiration for future builds but also provide knowledge. So many enthusiasts want to upgrade, tune, and mod their cars but don’t know how to correctly. Achilles is not only a hardcore enthusiasts, who knows what to do, but also has tons of connections with the right people to help him tune his car the right way. Which is why his M2 Competition build came out so well.

We’ve spoken about some of the mods he made to his M2 Competition for this Clubsport build in previous articles but here’s the gist of it. Achilles was wise to leave its power alone, for the most power. The M2 Competition is already a spicy vehicle, it needn’t any more power. Instead, he focused on making it handle better, steer with better precision, provide better feedback, and also feel better.

So he got a set of coilovers, gave the car a proper alignment, took out the back seat and replaced it with a half cage, fitted some new Recaro bucket seats with four-point harnesses, added some structural bracing up front, and—perhaps the coolest mod of them all—gave it a new shift knob with a carbon fiber shaft.

It’s an awesome build that shows you how to set up a car properly for the track. This video doesn’t go into detail about the specifics (there are several previous videos about that) but instead shows the fruits of his (and the shops that worked on the car) labor. You can see just how capable and fun the car looks on a circuit and why you should make the upgrades that he made. So if you have an M2 Competition, or just want to see what can be done to one, check this out.