BMW offers an optional exhaust system for the M3 but that hasn’t stopped tuners from creating their own setups for the G80. The aftermarket scene jumped at the opportunity to upgrade the super sedan shortly after the model debuted, and in the two years that have passed, we’ve seen our fair share of custom builds. Case in point, Turner Motorsport is now showcasing its bespoke exhaust system for the M3 and M4 in both base and Competition flavors.

Shown here on the sedan, the titanium exhaust cuts weight by 47.5% compared to the OEM setup. While the original catback weighs 62 pounds (28 kilograms), the aftermarket piece tips the scales at just 32.5 pounds (15 kilograms). The BMW parts specialist claims it has not only cut weight and improved the soundtrack but also increased flow. A new video released by ECS Tuning allows us to hear the S58 engine sing its song.

Even with the valves closed, the sound delivered is definitely more noticeable compared to the original exhaust. That’s especially true if we compare it to the M3 G80 sold in Europe where the performance sedan has a gasoline particulate filter. Side note – GPFs have been installed in all gasoline and plug-in hybrid cars sold by BMW at home in Germany since July 2018.

ECS Tuning has the upgrade listed for $3,419, plus $284.95 for the exhaust tips with a polished chrome black look. Alternatively, the large-diameter quad tips can be had with a brushed stainless finish for the same price. Here is what the package includes:

  • Dual 3″ Titanium Exhaust piping from secondary cats;
  • X pipe replacing middle muffler sections for better sound, performance, and weight savings;
  • Valved muffler utilizing OEM-style exhaust valves;
  • Optional Turner Slant Cut or Straight Cut Exhaust tips – 3.0″ Inlet, 4.0″ Outlet;
  • Clamps and Hardware for an OEM+ install;
  • Optional Exhaust Pipe Hanger Removal Pliers.

Source: ECS Tuning / YouTube