The 2022 Essen Motor Show is not scheduled to start until December 3 but we can already check out the tricked-out M2 G87 that will be part of the exhibit. BMW has yet to issue a press release for the heavily upgraded sports coupe, but it’s easy to notice this has the full gamut of M Performance Parts. Aside from the carbon fiber add-ons and fixed rear wing, it also has a large “M2” decal on the hood and a flashy paint job (or is it a wrap?) with different shades of orange.

We’re likely looking at the most expensive OEM-spec M2 build ever, complete with center-lock wheels for that motorsport vibe. BMW is far from being the first to put these quick-release wheels on a road car as Porsche has been doing it for years for the track-oriented 911 derivatives. In addition, supercars and hypercars tend to have center-lock wheels as well. Early signs are showing the M3 and M4 will also be offered with this type of wheel.

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One glaring omission is represented by the carbon ceramic wheels, which BMW has said won’t be available for the new M2, at least not at launch. It seems plausible these will be introduced later in the model’s life cycle, presumably for a hotter CS and/or CSL variant that should arrive further down the line.

All those add-on parts that you see are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and BMW promises they’re more than just for show since they serve a functional purpose by improving aero. The side spats are a bit too much for our liking, and we could say the same about adding a roof spoiler at the back where there’s already a wing mounted on the trunk lid.

The Essen-bound showcar has the carbon roof and side mirror caps, along with the Shadowline adaptive LED headlights, center-mounted quad exhaust tips, and some interior tweaks. The cabin shows we’re looking at an automatic model with carbon bucket seats and an M Performance steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara. To drive the point home, there are even M-branded door pins.

We’re anxious to find out pricing details for the full list of M Performance Parts as this top-tier M2 seems to cost M4 money.

Source: Benelux supercars / YouTube