Before ALPINA will be absorbed by the BMW Group at the end of 2025, it’s business as usual in Buchloe. That means whenever BMW unveils a facelifted or next-generation model, the fancier version is not far behind. That’s what happened when the 8 Series Gran Coupe received a mild facelift at the beginning of the year as the equivalent B8 followed shortly.

A new video puts the spotlight on the 2023 B8 featuring the company’s exclusive Green Metallic paint and those elegant multi-spoke wheels that we’d argue will never go out of style. We could say the same thing about the pinstripe ALPINAs have had for decades. With this being the LCI, it wears the redesigned front grille with U-shaped vertical slats that no longer go all the way down to the bottom of the kidneys.

2022 BMW ALPINA B8 Gran Coupé G16

With a starting price of $144,900, the ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe is one of the most expensive BMWs money can buy. This one is even pricier since it has the crystal controls on the inside where the facelifted version has brought an enlarged 12.3-inch display for the infotainment. The large sporty sedan was configured with the Extended Merino Leather in Cognac and an optional carbon fiber roof that costs an extra $2,800 in the US.

The B8 LCI hasn’t gone through any changes underneath the hood, not that these were necessary anyway. The B8 Gran Coupe soldiers on with the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 making 621 hp and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque for a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) run in 3.4 seconds. It hits 124 mph (200 km/h) from a standstill in 11.6 seconds and maxes out at 201 mph (324 km/h), thus making it one of the fastest four-door cars on sale today.

The B8 powered by a combustion engine might not be long for this world as BMW is believed to turn the next-generation 8 Series Gran Coupe into an EV.

Source: RoCars / YouTube