So we’re pals with UK-based YouTuber Joe Achilles. We’ve had him on our podcast several times, we’ve hung out with him at car events, and we speak with him on a regular basis. We’re friends. But I suspect that I’ll have to terminate our friendship out of jealous rage because he’s now gone and ordered himself a BMW M3 Touring, something that us ‘Mericans can’t do.

In his latest video, Achilles walks you through the order process for buying an M3 Touring and it’s something that not many people are going to be able to do. The M3 Touring isn’t a limited model, like the M4 CSL will be, however, it’s going to be very difficult to get. For starters, it isn’t going to be sold in all markets. But getting an allocation is going to be quite tricky, as it’s going to be a hot item right out of the gate and BMW has already told its dealers that not every order will be fulfilled right away. Luckily for Achilles, he has a good dealer hookup.

Admittedly, Achilles already ordered his car, so in this video you don’t get to see the order actually take place. However, he does walk you through the process he initially went through and discusses the options you can get. So it’s a little bit of inside baseball on what it’s like to order a car that you might not be able to order, for whatever reason.

The BMW M3 Touring is special because it’s the first of its kind in history. There’s never been a production M3 wagon and, for a while, it seemed as if there never would be. Until this new generation, when BMW surprised everyone by announcing it. Now, the dream of so many enthusiasts is becoming a reality and Achilles is going to be among the first in line to realize that dream.

What color and spec did Achilles choose? You’re going to have to watch the video to find out what he decided. However, it’s fun to see what’s available and, if you live in a market where the M3 Touring isn’t available, live vicariously through him. Which is what I’m doing while watching this video. But I’m also plotting a way to steal his car once he gets it delivered and get it on a cargo ship, headed for the ‘States. Hopefully he doesn’t read this, so he won’t suspect anything when I make a surprise visit to the UK conveniently right after he takes delivery…