Although 2022 has been an eventful year with the M3 Touring, M2, M4 CSL, and XM debuts, the M lineup is still missing that one special car. Is the 3.0 CSL it? Maybe not, but with no true M1 successor in sight, it might just be the next best thing. Following in the footsteps of Rolls-Royce, BMW wants in on the coachbuilding game by giving the sports coupe a completely bespoke body.

Earlier this week, M CEO Frank van Meel described the modern-day 3.0 CSL (E9) as a “very special car,” one that “looks like nothing else.” It’s been spotted again as a prototype during last-minute testing around the Nürburgring. It still has the colorful livery depicting several M cars and various messages alluding to how special it’s going to be: “too powerful,” “insanely epic,” “6MT FTW,” “I like it rare,” “drift happens,” “I donut care,” and “are you bold enough.”

Logic tells us it’ll likely be based on the M4 CSL, but with a different (better?) kidney grille design reminiscent of the bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful 2015 3.0 CSL Hommage.  It also has a rear wing mounted on the trunk lid while the roof ends with a spoiler akin to the concept from seven years ago. It appears to have an even stiffer suspension setup by riding extremely close to the road on skinny tires.

It’s expected to be just as impractical as the M4 CSL by doing away with the rear seats. Aside from a different body, the 3.0 CSL will have a key improvement by featuring a six-speed manual gearbox only. It’s also said to have an even more powerful version of the inline-six S58 engine and possibly a further weight reduction. We’ll remind you the M4 CSL gained 40 hp and lost 100 kilograms (220 pounds) compared to the rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition.

We’ve heard through the grapevine the world premiere is taking place in November and BMW intends to make just 50 copies. The 3.0 CSL has apparently not been homologated for the United States and rumor has it 30 examples are earmarked for Europe and another eight for Asia. It’s not known at this point where the other 12 are heading.

On the Old Continent, presumably in Germany, it’s reportedly going to cost a whopping €750,000. That would make it four and a half times more expensive than the M4 CSL. At the same time, it would be more than eight times pricier than a base M4. Despite the exorbitant price tag, we have a feeling all of them will be sold in no time, provided they haven’t been spoken for already.

Source: Carspotter Jeroen / YouTube