Of the three colors available for the BMW M4 CSL, we’d go with Sapphire Black as it lends the hardcore coupe a menacing look while taking away the attention from the oversized grille. This example with Swiss plates adopts the dark look while retaining the striking red accents reserved for the Competition Sport Lightweight. You’ll also notice it has the 50 years of M anniversary emblems and yellow headlights akin to the M5 CS.

Since the car was sold to a customer from Switzerland, we should point out the M4 CSL retails for a whopping 214,900 CHF in the federal republic. That works out to around $218,000 or €221,400. It’s one of the most expensive places where you can buy the third-ever CSL and someone didn’t hesitate to spend a small fortune on the high-performance coupe. It’s one of the only 1,000 units BMW intends to build for the entire world.

Shot in an underground parking lot, the video puts the spotlight on the sinister M4 CSL and its aggressive soundtrack. The exhaust, which boasts electrically controlled flaps, sounds surprisingly mean considering this is a car built to European specification so it must meet all the regulations, which usually make sports cars sound quite dull. As a refresher, BMW M engineers installed a titanium rear silencer to enable a more engaging note and shave off four kilograms (nearly nine pounds) of weight compared to the M4 Competition’s standard exhaust.

The sheer amount of carbon fiber and the rear seat deletion are obvious signs the M4 has been put on a strict diet. Indeed, the CSL removes 100 kg (220 lbs) of fat. At the back, LED taillights with laser technology make their debut on a production BMW and look rather spectacular at night. The ducktail spoiler on the trunk lid is an homage to the M3 CSL. Speaking of the E46, you can see a non-CSL M3 make a brief appearance in the video.

Source: The19Tommy85 / YouTube