Right now, all BMW news surrounds the newly released XM. The BMW XM is a three-ton hybrid SUV that looks like a video game knockoff of a BMW SUV. Judging by the enthusiast reactions across the sighted world, I think we could all use a reminder of what BMW M is actually capable of when it decides to make cars for its fans and not its shareholders. In this new video from Misha Charoudin, we get to see the BMW 1 Series M take to the Nürburgring to remind us of better days.

The BMW 1 Series M came out in 2011, and was only sold in that year, and is still one of the most beloved modern Bimmers. It’s essentially the perfect recipe for a sporty BMW. It’s small, it’s based off of an affordable coupe, it’s rear-wheel drive only, it only has a manual transmission, it looks great, and it’s light. It’s the embodiment of what BMWs are supposed to be. What’s interesting, though, is that you rarely see it pushed to the limit.

As incredible as the 1 Series M is, it’s a small, short-wheelbase car that is more known for being a canyon carver, rather than a track weapon. So how does it handle Germany’s largest and most difficult track?

Admittedly, the 1M in this video isn’t stock. It’s running a tune, an exhaust, and Öhlins coilovers. It makes over 400 horsepower and it’s a bit lighter, thanks to its Recaro racing buckets. So it’s not a great example of how a stock 1M will handle the ‘Ring. That doesn’t make it less fun to watch, though. It makes it more fun.

Even with its turbocharged engine and aftermarket exhaust, it sounds so much more like a proper M engine than anything the M Division currently sells. It’s raspy and metallic and the little bark it makes at 5,000 rpm is intoxicating. It also just looks like an absolute riot. Sure, an M4 xDrive would eat its lunch at the ‘Ring, even with its fancy suspension, but I’d be willing to bet a set of Öhlins dampers than the 1M is more fun.