The 2023 XM has a polarizing look in just about every color available, but some shades make the plug-in SUV even more eccentric. BMW decided to unveil its first dedicated M car since the M1 with a flashy Cape York Green color – introduced with the new X1 – combined with gold accents on the body and wheels. If that’s too much, and it’s perfectly understandable why you may feel that way, the Bavarians will sell the M among X models with a more subdued appearance.

Popular French YouTuber Pog had early access to the XM in what is perhaps its most sinister specification possible. The electrified SUV is painted in Sapphire Black Metallic and does away with the striking gold exterior accents. It retains the prominent upper character line as a nod to the M1, but it’s now finished in black as part of the Shadowline upgrade. In addition, the massive 23-inch alloys also swap out the gold surfaces for a dark look.

The oversized kidney grille – which is actually smaller than the Concept XM’s – has lost the gold contour as well while retaining the illuminated frame. The all-black finish makes the main headlights barely visible when they’re turned off as the cluster has a heavily tined panel. There’s still some gold if you know where to look, specifically on the XM badges mounted on the tailgate and the front-left fender above the charging port.

The predominantly black look continues inside this pre-production prototype. It, therefore, does away with the two-tone cabin we saw in the official shots where the Coffee Brown Vintage leather was combined with soft Nappa leather. We also get to see the massive headliner incorporating fiber-optic light guides with 100 LEDs that change their behavior depending on various factors: when you open the doors, when there’s an incoming phone call, or in the event of a potential collision.

First XM deliveries will occur in spring 2023 following a start of production at the Spartanburg plant this December.

Source: Pog / YouTube