Now that the BMW XM is here, it’s the funkiest looking and most powerful BMW of all time. It also competes with cars that BMW wouldn’t normally compete with, such as the Lamborghini Urus. Typically, fast SUVs like the X5 M are outclassed by the Urus, as they can neither handle, nor accelerate like the big Lambo. However, the BMW XM now makes enough power and has enough style to actually compete with the Lamborghini, just as a budget option.

This test is a bit unfair to both cars for different reasons—the Urus is old now and the XM is significantly cheaper—so it actually sort of evens out. So now that BMW offers an uber-high-end performance SUV, let’s see how it compares to the current ultimate performance SUV.

Up Front

First, let’s start by saying that neither car is particularly good looking. However, if there is a good looking angle of the XM, it’s up front. Its grille, while large, is actually pretty good looking and its split headlights work well on the XM’s large face. Even the front air intakes are pretty subdued. Overall, the XM is far better looking up front than I had anticipated, given BMW’s recent history. At the same time, the Urus has a beak-like front end that’s just never really looked good. So, shockingly, the XM wins up front.

From the Side

It might be because the Lamborghini Urus has been around so long that I’m used to it but its profile is starting to grow on me. It has a bit of a hunchback but there’s a sporty sharpness to it that’s looking better as it gets older. While the BMW XM is more traditionally shaped overall, there’s a frumpiness to it, especially around its C-pillar, which ruins it for me. It isn’t necessarily bad looking, it just looks a bit off, while the Urus looks a but more cohesive. So it wins here.

Out Back

The rear end is the Urus’ best angle, I think. It has a sort of hot-hatch vibe which gives a sportier look. The BMW XM’s taillights are too odd and its rear window looks as if it’s too big and juts out too far. Again, it’s not exactly bad looking, it’s just odd and seems a bit off. So the Urus wins out back, too.


Inside, the BMW XM has the most unique interior of all BMW models. For the most part, it’s quite good looking, with its two-tone color scheme, sculpted headliner, and optional vintage leather. While the Lamborghini Urus has a cool, sporty interior, it’s a bit outdated at this point. Although, the XM’s steering wheel, from every other BMW, and same iDrive screen as everything does sort of squash the mood a bit. But because of its unique interior, I’m giving it to the BMW.

Overall, this is a tie, with each car winning two segments. The decision on which car is best will have to come down to how they drive. The BMW XM is also considerably cheaper, starting at $159,995, versus the Urus’ $230,000-ish. So that might factor into the decision as well. However, on looks alone, neither are particularly good looking, so it really comes down to your own personal style.