Photo Comparison: Lamborghini Urus vs BMW X6 M

BMW X6 M | December 5th, 2017 by 19
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The SUV segment receives new member at the top end of the performance flagpole: the launch of the Lamborghini Urus in 2018. The high-performance luxury …

The SUV segment receives new member at the top end of the performance flagpole: the launch of the Lamborghini Urus in 2018. The high-performance luxury SUV is a first for the Italian brand and aims to be one of the most dynamic SUVs ever made.

The Italians have spared neither cost nor effort and with many ingredients from the rich shelves of the VW Group, have delivered an impressive overall package. Direct competition for the Lamborghini Urus does not exist at the moment in the market, and the closest power SUV from BMW would be the X6 M.

BMW X6 M F86 Lamborghini Urus 02 830x622

With a length of 5.11 meters, the Lamborghini Urus surpasses the SUV coupe from Garching by about 21 centimeters. The Urus is only three centimeters shorter than a Bentley Bentayga, with whom it shares many technical components. How serious the Italians are still with the dynamics is clear in the other dimensions: The Lambo SUV is just under 1.64 meters high and thus remains five centimeters flatter than a BMW X6 M. In addition, the Urus is a bit wider which should make it an absolute eye-catcher.

BMW X6 M F86 Lamborghini Urus 01 830x622

No surprise is that the Lamborghini Urus touches the crown of the currently most powerful production SUV. Its 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo delivers 650 hp and 850 Newton meters of torque and is enough to accelerate the 2.2-ton SUV in just 3.6 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h. Top speed is electronically limited to 305 km/h.

The current BMW X6 M F86 can not compete in these numbers games, but shouldn’t hide either: Even with just 575 hp and 750 Newton meters of torque, the X6 M has the ability to sprint to 100 in 4.2 seconds.


To see how the two compare visually, we put together a photo comparison from different angles:

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19 responses to “Photo Comparison: Lamborghini Urus vs BMW X6 M”

  1. PK says:

    I gotta say. Not bad Lambo! Not bad! The Urus design is getting to me!

  2. Giom says:

    Lexus already made a Lamborghini off roader… the RX. No doubt they used Lambos design language as inspiration. Now I look at this and can’t help to think, it looks familiar.

    However, it’s still striking and (almost) unique.

    • disqus_qIG7IeaME3 says:

      With none of those nasty Japanese reliability issues! Just an Italian co.’s 1st turbo V8 on a corporate German platform.

  3. Arunabh says:

    Honestly, i liked X6M more than Urus here.

    BMW’s design appears more fit for the purpose for which the cars are made: untamed hooligan riot on road.

    While no one can mistake Urus for being anything but Lambo, but, personally, i expected more. And also the name of the car could have been better. Italians have such a long history of giving exotic names to the cars. This turned out to be a bit of an anticlimax.

    Having said that, its only the start of the story. Whats under the hood and how it reached tyres will be the bigger testing parameters for these cars.

  4. jason bourne says:

    What is with today’s cars and these freaking front grilles???

    Cutouts, slots, grooves, holes, etc… What an ugly mess.

  5. Roman Bond says:

    X6M looks better! Looks like Lambo was trying to achieve something extraordinary but didn’t finish the job.

  6. pacho kardana says:

    WHAT UGLY LAMBO! BMW is the KING , and should not be worry about that UGLY car. When BMW improve 8 speed transmission it easyly can squeeze even 800 hp from that engine, but by the way X6 Mpower is absolute blast to drive , mental owesome, superb, insane !!! Its vision is still absolutely beautyful and fierce like nothing else, NO ugly and square Q7 or egg shaped VW/porsche Touareg….or fat GLE.

  7. MagnumOpus says:

    that lower rear valance and exhaust simply screams Audi

  8. fathornyblackandjoe says:

    The front view and rear view of the Lambo are excellent, but the proportions of the side profile are awkward. Overall, a nice design, though. The proportions of the X6 are great, but the lines and the details could use some freshening up, at this point. They’re classic–almost to a fault.

    • beltwaybandit says:

      Definitely needs a refresh. I think it’s going to need to be a more drastic update than the x3 got to or it’s going to fall to the back of this segment

  9. Tumelo Malumane says:

    I’d buy them both, They look awesome.

  10. Dailybimmer says:

    The Lambo looks like a Skoda from the side.

  11. Senne says:

    It looks like an Audi from the side. :(

    • disqus_qIG7IeaME3 says:

      It’s an Audi from the top – HQ, as Lamborghinis have been for years. 1st they put Lamborghini engine in Audi, now they slide Lamborghini name on VAG corporate platform.

  12. De says:

    Good Job Audi. You are doing well with Lamborghini.

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