With every electric vehicle it launches, BMW tries to make range anxiety less and less of an issue. Even the iX featured here, a large and heavy SUV can still cover 324 miles based on EPA’s rating, provided it has the smaller 20-inch wheel. Getting as close as possible to that figure and even exceeding it takes some preparation, and a new video tutorial shows how to get the most out of the battery’s juice.

It all starts even before driving off by setting a destination in the navigation system. Doing so will optimize the route so that the EV will consume a minimal amount of energy. Of course, inputting the destination means you also get guidance to the charging stations along your route. The software is clever enough to estimate the charging time so you get a better understanding of how long it’ll take to reach your destination.

Another benefit of inserting your destination is that the BMW iX will automatically precondition the battery by optimizing the battery temperature for the fastest charging speeds. Turning on the Efficient driving mode will obviously maximize the energy available, and the maximum recuperation (mode B) will enable one-pedal driving. It does so by adding more range back to the battery from the moment the drivers take their foot off the accelerator pedal.

For greater range, it’s ideal to set up preconditioning so that the cabin gets warm/cold enough before you leave by using energy from the grid rather than the battery by having the EV plugged in. Wind resistance is an enemy when it comes down to maximizing range, which is why BMW recommends you take down the roof box if you don’t really need it.

Leaving home the unnecessary cargo lowers the vehicle’s weight, which in turn increases the driving range. You should also make sure the tire pressure is as close as possible to what the manufacturer recommends to reduce the rolling resistance and therefore boost efficiency. Of course, these three tips also apply to a traditional car powered by a combustion engine running on gasoline or diesel.

As a final note, it’s worth mentioning Edmunds managed to beat the iX xDrive50’s EPA rating by a whopping 62 miles. The test conducted earlier this year ended after the electric SUV covered a more than respectable 377 miles, representing an improvement of 19.7% over the official number.

Source: BMW USA / YouTube