For most BMW enthusiasts, the original BMW M1 supercar is essentially unobtanium. The M1 was incredibly low-volume supercar to begin with, so there aren’t many left. But those that are left cost literally millions of dollars. So only the uber-rich can afford to buy an actual M1. However, if you want to own a little piece (or pieces) of an M1 but can’t afford the full car, you can buy just its wheels, which are currently for sale on eBay.

Someone is selling a set of original BMW M1 wheels on eBay and, while they’re obviously nowhere near as expensive as the actual car, they’re still pretty pricey. The seller is asking $18,700 for the set of M1 wheels, which is an incredibly steep price tag for incredibly old wheels. However, those wheels are for a very rare car that almost no one has, so if an owner does need new stock wheels, that price is chump change.

The wheels look to be in really good condition, which is unsurprising given that most M1 owners rarely drive their cars. The tires are admittedly a worn looking and covered in dust but it’s the wheels themselves that are intriguing. With a simple, very ’80s design disc design, the BMW M1 wheels are some of the coolest in BMW’s history.

Though, you don’t need an M1 to buy these. Despite being 40 years old, these wheels still have the same 5×120 bolt pattern as any other BMW. So, as long as you have a BMW, of any kind, you can put  these wheels on your car. Would the be posing a bit? Sure, it I think in this instance that’s okay but finding an M1 worth driving is damn-near impossible. However, it would be awesome to put these on another car. I can’t drop $20,000 on a set of wheel I might never use but if I could I would. These would look killer on my E90.