With the reveal of the BMW XM on its way, we’re going to be seeing quite of bit of its ahead of time, in spy photos and teasers. We already saw the latter today, as BMW M CEO Frank van Meel showed off some teaser photos of the XM. Now, we get the former, as some spy photos of the XM just popped up showing the car parked on the street in Germany.

In the photos, you can see the XM up close and, despite its camouflage, get a decent idea of what it’s going to look like. As we already knew, it’s going to get massive kidney grilles (though, proportionate ones), a sporty roofline, and it will be surprisingly huge. You also get an up close and personal look at its wheels, which get one of the brand’s more interesting recent designs.

We’re not sure which XM variant this is, as we’ve seen a few different kinds of wheels in various spy photos, but whichever variant this is will have some handsome wheels. They have hexagons closer to the hub and the feature fork-like spokes, which make them pretty cool. The tires this XM wears don’t seem to be extra aggressive, as they seem to be some sort of Yokohama tire, which might indicate that this XM model isn’t the full-fat 750 horsepower version.

That’s really all you can see on this test mule, though. It’s pretty heavily covered in camouflage and seems to sport some body panel fakery. However, if you want to get the basic idea of what it’s going to look like, perhaps before you try to get an allocation for one, then these photos do help a bit. Otherwise, just wait a couple of weeks for the full, final reveal.

[Photos by instagram.com/mahmoudabugazala]