The BMW 7 Series G70 global market launch is scheduled to take place in November, but some dealers are already receiving pre-production cars to show them off to potential customers. Case in point, a Canadian dealer has received the keys to a fully electric i7 xDrive60 featuring a two-tone paint we would normally expect to see on a Rolls-Royce.

The fancy paint will be a €12,000 option in Europe, and in this case, the fullsize luxury sedan is combining Oxide Grey with Tanzanite Blue. Those aero-optimized wheels aren’t standard either as we’re looking at the larger 20-inch set priced at €2,300 at home in Germany. It also has glitzy Swarovski crystals in the upper-mounted LED daytime running lights that obviously cost more.

As a refresher, the G70 generation comes only in one size and is substantially larger than the previous-generation model in the long-wheelbase configuration. The kidney grille is undoubtedly large, but if there’s one BMW that can pull it off, it’s certainly the 7 Series due to its sheer size. The xDrive60 will be the only version available upon launch, with a more potent M70 arriving next year with a colossal 660 horsepower.

The posh cabin is also quite special since this pre-production i7 has the new-for-2023 cashmere interior. Since we mentioned Rolls-Royce earlier, the seventh-gen 7 Series also gets electrically operated automatic doors. The inside looks substantially more futuristic than any model from Goodwood, and we’re not just talking about the iDrive 8. The fit and finish don’t look too far off compared to what you’ll find inside a vehicle carrying the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.

This i7 has all the gadgets, including the stately 31.3-inch Theatre Screen for the rear-seat entertainment system and electric sunshades. We’re being reminded the rear doors have smartphone-sized touchscreens embedded into the rear door cards to access the vehicle’s numerous functions, including the blinds and massaging seats.

All things considered, the 7 Series has changed dramatically for its new iteration to put up a good fight against another technologically advanced ultra-luxe sedan, the Mercedes S-Class and its higher-end Maybach sibling.

Source: Denver BMW / YouTube