Sneakers culture is at an all-time high and collaborations are now the core of that culture. Over the years, we’ve seen sneaker companies collaborate with celebrities, athletes and influencers, and occasionally, with car companies. The latest collaboration involves two German brands: BMW and Adidas. The partnership was actually spearheaded by BMW Mexico who teamed up with Adidas to celebrate the “XXXIX Mexico City Marathon”. 30 pairs of the Adidas Superstar were hand-painted by artist Fher Valencia. The blue color was inherited from the special commemorative design shown on the BMW i4.

30 Pairs, Painted in White/Blue

The background to the light blue special Adidas Superstar edition comes from BMW’s commitment to the most recent marathon in Mexico City. The event took place in the Mexican capital on Sunday, August 28 where around 30,000 runners participated. BMW accompanied the 42,195 km of the route with a fleet of fully electric vehicles from its BMW i, MINI and BMW Motorrad model ranges. One of them was a blue-painted BMW i4.

This year, MINI Mexico and BMW i electrified the preparation route for the “Mexico City Marathon and Half Marathon 2022” through its alliance with Adidas during the five “Adidas Split 2022” preparation races. BMW i has been a strategic ally of the Mexico City Marathon since 2016, with the aim of promoting electric mobility in this sporting competition. Mexico is also shaping up to become one of BMW’s most important production sites in the world.

When BMW first opened the San Luis Potosi, Mexico plant in 2019, it likely didn’t realize how important it might become in the future. BMW obviously had big plans for it, otherwise it wouldn’t have built it. However, there’s no way BMW could have predicted the electric vehicle climate of today, back then. Now, the SLP plant might become one of the most important of all BMW’s plants and the new Inflation Reduction Act President Joe Biden just signed into law has a lot to do with it.

When it comes to the limited edition Adidas Superstar, there is info at the moment on how sneakers collectors can get their hands on these. But with 30 pairs made, these are a must in any collection.