The unveil of the BMW XM is just weeks away. The production will kick off in Spartanburg in December 2022, but ahead of that, we will get an online reveal. A production version of the XM has been making the rounds around the world with BMW showing the car to VIPs and potential customers. So there aren’t many secret lefts to reveal. We’ve already had a chance to drive a prototype in Austria, even though it wasn’t the top BMW XM model. So we know that there will be at least a couple of variants: a 650 hp and a 750 hp model.

Name: XM Label

The top BMW XM model will be called Label, with different variants, and will sit at the op of the XM lineup. The rumored price for the XM Label? Somewhere around 190,000 euros. As always, U.S. pricing is lower, but we don’t have yet any concrete information on the XM’s MSRP. The rumormill churns out that an entry-level XM will launch as well. Rumored to be sold under the BMW XM 50e name – powered by a six-cylinder plug-in hybrid drivetrain – the model is likely to end up only in Europe while the North American markets will get the more profitable and more powerful XM models. The BMW XM 50e setup is likely to deliver 490 hp (360 kW) and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft), similar to the new BMW 750e limousine. The starting price for the XM 50e? It will allegedly start from 110,000 – 120,000 euros.

The middle XM model uses an electrified V8, initially making 644 horsepower and 650 pound-feet (884 Newton-meters) of torque. Later in 2023, the more potent BMW XM Label will follow. And it will live up to the promise BMW made with the concept and its colossal 750 hp and 737 lb-ft (1,000 Nm). At about 2,700 kilograms (just under 6,000 pounds), the XM will be the heaviest vehicle BMW will ever make. We also know it’s going to have the lowest center of gravity among all the other M SUVs, along with rear-wheel steering at up to 2.5 degrees. And we’ve already experienced behind the wheel, the XM’s driving dynamics are impressive for a car of this size.

Not only is the XM a bespoke model, but it will also come with a wide range of features, options and colors. For instance, Dravit Grey, Oxide Grey II, Carbon Black, and Marina Bay Blue are existing BMW colors. However, there’s going to be at least one all new color, Cape York Green. There will also be different “Labels” models which will likely come with unique colors and specs.

First test drives of the BMW XM will come in Spring 2023.