This is one of the more unusual BMW M3 configurations we’ve seen so far. That isn’t an insult, it’s just a combination of options and trim levels we haven’t seen yet and, if you like your cars aggressive, this could be for you.

Seen at Hendrick BMW, this 2022 BMW M3 is a standard model, meaning it uses the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six with 473 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. But it also means it has a six-speed manual, making it the preferred choice for many enthusiasts. And you know this customer chose the standard car specifically for its manual transmission and not its lower price because its options list likely pushed its price well past the M3 Competition’s.

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For starters, it wears an exclusive paint color. While BMW does offer a few frozen colors for the M3, Frozen Black isn’t one of them, so it would have to be ordered specifically from the BMW Individual program. It’s an aggressive color combo, too. Along with the matte black paint is a bright red Fiona Red interior, black double-spoke wheels, and—the main part piece—a carbon fiber rear wing from the M Performance parts catalog.

The fixed rear wing is an interesting and very aggressive choice for the standard BMW M3. Some will love it, some will hate it, but it’s certainly an intriguing look. The rear wing, along with its ultra aggressive color scheme, makes it look a bit more special than a standard M3. That’s not to everyone’s taste, so some readers might not enjoy it. However, there’s no denying that it looks more interesting than the standard car.

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Another touch this car has is the anniversary BMW badges option, which I think is a must-have on all BMWs at the moment. Not only does it look cool but it will help make M cars a bit more desirable in the future, as fans will know the car came from the 50th anniversary of the brand.

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