The 50 years of M celebrations will end this year with a bang. Not only will BMW M revive one of their most iconic models, but it will also be the most expensive production series BMW ever made. The 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL was one of M’s best kept secrets in the last two years. Today, one of the prototypes was spotted in Nardo, Italy. The test mule continues to wear the funky camouflage which was revealed a few months back.

Coachbuild Construction

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BMW has yet to reveal the full details behind the 3.0 CSL, but once again, we have some advanced details. The 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL will be coachbuilt at Plant Munich. While the M4 CSL is part of the M3/M4 production line, the 3.0 CSL will feature more manual workmanship. There will also be loads of carbon fiber, slimmer body-hugging seats, and even a downsized starter battery. The track-focused machine will supposedly weigh 1,550 kilograms (3,417 pounds) following a Draconian diet that will include a rear seat delete and a simplified instrument panel. BMW will offer 20 and 21 inch wheels, front and rear, respectively. A unique paint job is more likely part of the overall package.

RWD + 6 Speed

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The 3.0 CSL will stick to the rear-wheel-drive formula to keep purists happy and avoid adding weight. It will only have a manual transmission. While the S58 engine already makes a punch 503 horsepower in the M4 Competition, it will be pushed further in the 3.0 CSL. In fact, the engineers will extract even more oomph for the retro-flavored special edition. Insiders claim it’s going to have as much as 560 hp. The added powered is expected to catapult the 3.0 CSL to 62 mph (100 km/h) in three and a half seconds.

The high-end M car will not be sold in the United States and most of its 50 units will be reserved for the European market. While the 30 models are likely to stay in Europe, 8 of them will be heading to Asia. It’s unclear at the moment which markets will get the remaining 12 units. Production is scheduled for November 2022 with deliveries beginning in 2023.

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