. The subject this time is the all-new BMW i4. The electric Gran Coupe made its world debut earlier this year and it’s slowly starting to arrive in customers’ hands. While AC Schnitzer is mostly known for tuning petrol or diesel-powered cars, they are not afraid to take on the challenge of electric vehicles tuning.

Aero and Wheel Upgrades

But instead of changing power outputs and exhaust notes, the German tuning house is now focusing on the suspension and styling of the BMW i4. The tweaking starts with a new sports suspension which lowers the ride height. The front of the i4 is now lowered by 0.78 inches (20 millimeters) lower, and the rear by 0.98 inches (25 millimeters). Of course, the lower center of gravity should help with the already impressive driving dynamics of the BMW i4 M50.

Next on the list of upgrades is the exterior design. At the front, the BMW i4 gets a carbon fiber front splitter and canards that match perfectly the M Sport package of the electric vehicle. The side gills are also improved with additional pieces of trim. In the back, the BMW i4 now features a subtle roof spoiler. As you’d expect, a carbon fiber rear spoiler sits on top of the trunk while lightweight winglets improve the aerodynamics by sitting above the taillights.

It wouldn’t be an AC Schnitzer project without custom wheels. The German shop offers two wheels design. One features a five-spokes design painted in black-and silver, or all black. The other wheel option is painted in silver-anthracite or simply just anthracite. It’s unclear how the new wheels influence the electric range.

The tuning project extends inside the cabin as well. You will get the typical AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals, footrest and iDrive cover. A unique keyholder is included as well. The rest of the cabin is your standard 4 Series design. You can see all the upgrades in the photo gallery below and you can also watch the BMW i4 by AC Schnitzer going around the famous Spa-Francorchamps race track.

[Source: AC Schnitzer]