2023 will bring an update to the BMW X6 M Power SUV. F96 X6 M prototypes were recently spotted showing some mild upgrades to their exterior design. So it’s fair to assume that this facelift is more interesting when it comes to the power upgrades. According to sources, the 2023 BMW X6 M Facelift will likely inherit the same drivetrain as the BMW X7 M60i. The power will come from the new S68 engine which is paired with a mild hybrid (48 volt) technology. This new drivetrain will slightly cut fuel consumption and bring a brief instant electric boost.

S68 + 48 Volt

The 4.4 liter V8 will continue to deliver around 617 horsepower, but a small bump in power is expected from the mild hybrid. Shifting should also be smoother and faster than before, considering the 48 Volt integration with the 8-speed automatic transmission. The 48-volt system offers advantages in many arenas. One of the biggest advantages is in the revised automatic engine start/stop feature. The first “cold” start is always handled by the traditional 12-volt pinion starter motor. But if the engine is above 60 degrees Celsius (140° F), the 48-volt system will handling starting the car. This allows for less emissions, a 20% quicker start, and less disruptive vibrations and sounds for the vehicle’s occupants.

While coasting, the 48-volt system’s presence allows for the car’s combustion engine to rest, instead using its kinetic energy to propel it. Clutches in the vehicle’s transmission are opened and the vehicle’s drivetrain is decoupled, allowing the vehicle to freely coast. Restarting the engine happens nearly immediately thanks to the generator. The return is obvious: improved efficiency and less stress on the combustion engine.

Design Updates – No Split Headlights

Design wise, the BMW X6 Facelift will get new headlights, which are thinner and more like those seen the new 4 Series. They’re the same lights that the X5 LCI will get too. But the X6’s grilles will remain the same as they are now. As per usual, the back end of the BMW X6 M Facelift will barely be changed. Inside, we expect to see the large curved display from the X7, with iDrive 8. Furthermore, the gear shifter could take a similar shape as in the X7.

The addition of the new drivetrain in the 2023 BMW X6 M will also help BMW meet stricter emission regulations, so it comes as no surprise that production of current F96 X6 M might run well into 2028. Production of the facelift is also expected to start in Spring 2023.