This new BMW M3 is an interesting looking car. Before you roll your eyes at another grille hot-take, fret not. I’m not here to talk about the grille. Instead, I want to talk about colors. BMW actually offers some really good colors for the M3 but, ironically, few of them actually look good on the car and it’s not the colors’ fault. Instead, the new M3 is just a funny car to nail a good color on. However, one that might actually do the trick is Macao Blue, as seen in these photos.

Admittedly, this BMW M3 has some M Performance bits, and an Akrapovic exhaust, so that could improve the look a bit more. However, Macao Blue seems to be the perfect color for the M3 for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s a dark color, nearly black, and darker colors work better on the M3 because they hide its unusual design elements. For you BMW grille apologists, there are a few other odd elements to the M3’s design, such as the weirdly sudden rear fender flare crease before the rear door. Dark colors blur those oddities a bit better.

Photos: / @bmw.patricksmets

But Macao Blue isn’t as boring as a black, though. It has a beautiful blue sparkle to it in the right light, which makes it pop. It also looks a bit purple in certain lights and y’all know how much I love purple cars. So if you’re a bit unsure of what color to get your M3, Macao Blue might be the ticket. It works great with bronze wheels, too.

Of course, Macao Blue is a BMW Individual color, which is going to be more expensive than your standard M3 colors. However, when you’re already realistically spending nearly $80,000 for an M3 (an closer to $90,000 for a Competition xDrive with options), those few thousand extra dollars are well worth spending on an Individual color. And Macao Blue seems to be an excellent choice.

[Photos: / @bmw.patricksmets]