We’ve developed a healthy habit of sharing videos featuring the BMW 3 Series LCI in as many versions as possible, and this configuration keeps things relatively simple. It’s a 320i finished in the Mineral White Metallic paint that costs a bit extra and rides on one of the optional 19-inch alloy wheel sets available. By having the M Sport Package, it also gets the anniversary Motorsport emblem offered throughout 2022 to mark 50 years of “the most powerful letter in the world.”

Unlike many facelifted 3 Series models we’ve seen in recent weeks, this one doesn’t have the blacked-out kidney front grille. It does have the optional adaptive LED headlights as denoted by the blue accents, and you can see them doing their “dance” when the car is unlocked. At the back, the trunk lid with its subtle spoiler opens electrically to provide access to the same cargo area you had before since this is only an LCI rather than a next-gen model.

Stepping inside the cabin, this 320i M Sport has the Sensatec perforated synthetic leather in cognac and has been fitted with a sunroof. As with all facelifted versions of the G20, it features the new gear selector that takes up far less space on the updated center console. Interestingly, the 2023 M3 Sedan G80 still has the bulky lever of the automatic transmission as well as the pre-LCI headlights. However, the performance sedan has transitioned to the latest iDrive.

This specification certainly won’t set your heart on fire compared to an M340i, let alone the M3, but the sedan’s understated appearance makes it suitable for a family sedan that focuses on luxury rather than sportiness while remaining within a budget. It’s refreshing to see walkaround videos of more common BMWs as YouTubers have the tendency to focus primarily on high-end expensive trim levels.

Source: CAR CHNL / YouTube