It won’t be until later in 2023 when BMW will take the M3 to the next level with a more powerful CS special edition, but until then, you can count on tuners to give the super sedan a boost. Case in point, Manhart is introducing its MH3 GTR package for the G80 generation to unlock more power from the already potent S58 engine.

The twin-turbo, inline-six has been massaged to extract a healthy 140 hp for a grand total of 650 hp while the torque has gone up by 150 Nm (111 lb-ft) to 800 Nm (590 lb-ft). The significant bump in output was achieved by fitting Manhart’s MHtronik auxiliary control unit to the 3.0-liter engine. A stainless-steel exhaust system was also installed and comes along with quad tips measuring a beefy 100 millimeters in diameter with carbon or ceramic coating. Optionally, and only in markets where it’s legal to do so, the gasoline particulate filter can be deleted for a more aggressive soundtrack.

Manhart’s decision to name its aftermarket package “GTR” is somewhat controversial taking into account BMW actually made an ultra-rare M3 GTR homologation special as the only V8-powered E46. This modded G80 carrying such a special suffix has been tweaked furthermore as it rides closer to the road on a KW coilover suspension with H&R springs. The tuner’s own 20-inch wheels front and rear have replaced the OEM alloys and are shown here in satin black, but can optionally be ordered with gold accents.

Rounding off the tweaks on the outside are the front canards, trunk lid spoiler, and rear diffuser – all made from carbon fiber. The interior has also been subjected to an important change as it now has Podium full carbon bucket seats to give the M3 Sedan a bit of a CSL vibe. Expect the aforementioned M3 CS to have upgraded seats, but not as body-hugging as these Recaros.

Source: Manhart