While searching for BMW Individual color names, I found that there’s a new car in BMW’s Individual Visualizer to play with, the all-new BMW M3 Touring. It’s been about three decades coming but BMW finally builds and sells a real-life M3 Touring. Because it’s taken so long to debut, and there’s never been an M3 Touring before, customers should absolutely spec an Individual color.

As always, playing around with BMW’s Individual Visualizer is great time-wasting fun. There are dozens and dozens of interesting colors to choose from, all of which are far better options than the standard cars. Who wants to buy something as special (and expensive) as an M3 Touring and then get it in black, ya know? Go for something interesting, something to make your special car feel special and stand out from the sea of monochromatic M cars.

With the M3 Touring, I messed around with a lot of different colors and, to my eye, it looks best in darker colors. So I started looking at darker blues but they felt derivative and boring. So then I went to darker greens and they just weren’t exciting enough. That’s when I went to dark purples and it clicked. Purples work really well on the M3 Touring.

M3 Touring in Venetian Purple

The three purples I found looked best were Twilight Purple, Daytona Violet (of course), and Venetian Violet. All three of those purples gave it the dark, moodiness the M3 Touring’s design needs while also adding a pop of fun color. All three colors also look good with both the silver and black wheels.

The M3 Touring is going to be an expensive car, so anyone who’s buying it already spending a lot. Yes, BMW Individual colors are expensive but, when you’re tacking that cost onto a car with a nearly six-figure price tag, it actually doesn’t make much of a financial difference. Plus, the Individual-colored car will hold its value better and provide a better ownership experience. It’s well worth the money.