Yesterday, MINI released its new Cooper SE Convertible, the BMW Group’s first all-electric convertible ever. There was the BMW i8 Roadster but that was a plug-in hybrid. The MINI Cooper SE Convertible is a fully-electric drop-top designed to offer silent go-kart thrills but with the joy of al fresco driving. Well, at least that’s the idea.

The MINI Cooper SE Convertible was revealed in Ashville, North Carolina yesterday, during one of MINI Takes the States’ many stops. While there, MINI fans and customers had the chance to see the new electric convertible in person. Will it sway any minds and get customers to switch over to electric? Well, its specs aren’t any different than the standard Cooper SE, so unless someone really likes convertibles, probably not.

However, if someone is looking for a small, urban convertible, the MINI Cooper SE Convertible is a pretty compelling little package. Its battery is small, so it only has 143 miles of range, and its 184 horsepower means it takes a leisurely 7.7 seconds to reach 60 mph. So it isn’t exactly thrilling on paper. However, the hard-top Cooper SE is surprisingly fun to drive, so dropping the top should only make it more fun.

Naturally, the convertible looks the same as the standard car, just without a roof. That’s a good thing, though, as the Cooper SE is a smart looking little car. It has cool aerodynamic wheels and bright yellow accents, which work well with its typically adorable MINI design. As with all MINI Convertibles, it looks pretty good with the top up, too, as it keeps the hart-top’s form pretty well.

There’s no official price just yet but you can expect it to be a few thousand dollars more than the standard Cooper SE’s $29,990 starting price. That will make it not only one of the least expensive EVs on sale in North America but also the only convertible EV.