So far, the only BMW iX I’ve driven was the xDrive50 model and it’s a seriously fast SUV. It might not be as fast as an X5 M Competition but it’s close and, because of its instantaneous electric torque, it feels every bit as quick. However, there’s an even faster model, the BMW iX M60, with a whopping 610 horsepower. In this new video from AutoTopNL, you get to see what the M60 get do with all of that power when unleashed on the Autobahn.

Remember, the BMW iX M60 might be powerful but it’s also immensely heavy. The iX is closer to three tons that BMW enthusiasts might want to admit. So despite having M5 Competition-rivaling power, it isn’t anywhere near as fast. However, on the Autobahn, the iX M60 was able to reach 252 km/h (about 157 mph), which is about the tippy top of what most EVs will do. What’s impressive, though, is just how composed it seemed to be at speed. Maybe that weight actually helps the big Bimmer in that scenario but the iX looked rock-solid well into the 200 km/h range.

BMW iX M60 Oxidgrau

It’s also shockingly fast on normal roads. In the video, prior to getting onto the Autobahn, they drive the iX M60 through a town and the way it gets up and goes is truly astonishing for such a heavy vehicle. Plus, Hans Zimmer’s acceleration soundtrack is brilliant and makes every drive exciting. It doesn’t matter that it’s synthetic because BMW is not only admitted it, it’s advertising Zimmer’s collaboration every chance it gets. And for good reason, it’s awesome and one of my favorite things BMW has done in a very long time.

Admittedly, most people will never max-speed their BMW iXs, because such hooliganism will affect range. But if any of you do, this video will show you what it’s like do drive the iX M60 at speed.