If you’re here for your daily M3 Touring fix, we have just the right thing. The long-awaited G81 has landed at BMW Welt in a fancy spec with an Individual paint. Le Mans Blue certainly suits the super wagon, which also happens to have the old-school Motorsport emblem at the front and rear as well as on the wheel centers.

The AMG C63 Estate competitor looks less flashy than in previous encounters as BMW has also presented the M3 Touring with the full array of M Performance Parts. The Frozen Black example from the Goodwood Festival of Speed even had gold wheels, but this Le Mans Blue car is more restrained. Well, as restrained as a wagon with a giant kidney grille and quad exhausts can be…

Photo by instagram.com/bimmerworldbrothers

It’s a real shame BMW has decided against selling the car in North America, but we can at least take comfort from knowing the larger M5 Touring (G99) is quite possibly coming back, complete with a US license plate. The latest intel suggests the 3 Series Sports Wagon will eventually return as well, albeit in the fully electric i3 Touring variant.

In the meantime, Europeans and other markets are getting the M3 Touring, some 22 years since the long-roof E46 M3 was developed. The car costs just under €100,000 in Germany before options, which in typical BMW fashion are rather plentiful, meaning you can quickly spend six figures by ticking a few boxes on the options list.

Although the M3 Touring coincides with the launch of the 3 Series LCI with iDrive 8, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll have a short life cycle. The wagon is expected to remain in production until October 2027, so you have about five years to save up for your dream wagon. BMW is keeping the lineup simple by selling the car only in the Competition guise with xDrive and an automatic transmission. Sadly, there’s no carbon-fiber roof option.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube