You’ve likely seen your fair share of hardcore BMW M3 builds, but rarely do we get to witness these cars being pushed to the absolute maximum. YouTuber Misha Charoudin put the proverbial pedal to the metal in this wild F80 featuring a stage 3 kit courtesy of British tuner Tom Wrigley Performance. The engine has been subjected to quite a few changes to accommodate methanol injection and hybrid turbos.

As it stands, the track-ready M3 sends delivers 580 horsepower at the rear wheels and stops efficiently thanks to carbon-ceramic brakes. The sports sedan has received further tuning, namely the Öhlins Road & Track coilover suspension and a straight-through exhaust system. It still has the back seats, but the owner says it’s only a matter of time before he’ll delete the rear bench to shave off weight.

As for the actual lap around the Nordschleife, the video must’ve been shot without the stabilization function turned on. That’s all for the better as the bouncy ride provides a level of immersion we rarely get to see in these onboard videos. Typically, what is being shown on camera is significantly smoother than what the driver experiences on the track.

It’s safe to say Misha was not exactly kind with this M3 F80, but the owner was more than happy to see his pride and joy being trashed around the challenging Green Hell. The video might make you feel a bit dizzy, but it goes to show the track’s surface is far from being completely flat. The Nürburgring lap seemed extremely bumpy and it certainly put the sports sedan’s custom suspension to the test.

No other car could stand in front of the heavily modded BMW that day, not even that orange Porsche 911. That said, Misha argues the M3 still needs some work, especially as far as the suspension is concerned since the car tends to bounce a lot. Overall, he enjoyed the hot lap and everyone can see he knows his way around the Nordschleife, having done countless laps.

Source: Misha Charoudin / YouTube