The more powerful car always wins the drag race? Not quite. Yes, this BMW M3 F80 has been tuned to deliver 490 hp, but it’s still down by 217 hp compared to the Hellcat. In addition, the performance sedan’s 460 lb-ft of torque are eclipsed by the 650 lb-ft of the mighty Challenger. Before you jump to the conclusion Germany loses against the American car, there are other factors to consider.

For starters, the M3 F80 uses a dual-clutch automatic whereas the Challenger Hellcat has a regular auto with a torque converter. Then there’s the weight difference since the BMW is nearly 800 pounds (363 kilograms) lighter than the Dodge. Tires also matter a great deal, especially when copious amounts of power only go to the rear wheels.

Launching a RWD car with 707 horsepower off the line is a bit tricky since getting the optimal traction becomes an issue. The Challenger Hellcat was notably slower at the start, and even though it started to catch up, it was too late. It might have lost the drag race, but the Dodge was certainly the better-sounding car of the two.

M3 F80 Meets Hellcat In Germany Vs USA Duel

It would’ve been important to know whether the Hellcat’s tires were at optimal temperatures. Warming them up is the key to optimal performance. Of course, the 707-hp brute is at its best on slick rubber, but to even the odds, the car had street tires.

The subsequent roll race from 50 km/h (31 mph) largely eliminated the traction problem the muscle car was having. It allowed that massive HEMI V8 engine to shine as the supercharged 6.2-liter unit efficiently unleashed its wrath. The M3 F80 didn’t stand a chance in the roll race, which isn’t all too surprising. Despite the BMW’s upgraded inline-six, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat was playing in a different league.

Source: Sam CarLegion / YouTube