Bought from a friend, this 1972 BMW 2002 was in a bad shape when Dorian Hicklin acquired it, but he was determined to breathe new life into the sports sedan. A nut and bolt restoration followed, coupled with more than a few upgrades for a more powerful restomod build. Even though the car looks impeccable inside and out, the owner told Jay Leno his pride and joy is still a work in progress.

The original 2.0-liter M10 engine with its mighty 113 horsepower has had its displacement enlarged along with receiving additional tweaks. Although the 2002 hasn’t been put onto a dyno just yet following the upgrade, the owner estimates it’s now making somewhere in the region of 150 or 160 hp. The engine bay looks impeccable and hosts an aftermarket strut brace for extra stiffness.

The very orange 2002 is more than just for show since it was built with racing in mind as the owner plans to take it to the track every now and then. To comply with regulations, he fitted a fire extinguisher and all the other safety features. Most of the time, the look-at-me little BMW will be enjoyed on twisty canyon roads.

Stepping inside, the cabin hosts bucket seats with a plaid pattern and racing harness. The drilled pedals are complemented by a similar finish for the gear knob, while the rear hosts a full cage along with the battery and radio. Dorian explains the fiberglass dashboard has been adapted from a 3.0 CSL and even has a glovebox.

Speaking of the original Coupe Sport Lightweight, Dorian also happens to have a lesser 2800 CS that needs to be restored. As a matter of fact, he’s had 40 BMWs over the years. He owned no fewer than eight at the same time at one point, but he’s now down to “just” four. It’s safe to say he is an enthusiast, especially after how much dedication was put into this 2002 project.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage / YouTube