Prices for classic BMWs have been going up lately but only for some of the more desirable versions out there. While M1 models can go close to $1 million these days, a random E21 from the same era won’t be near that. Then again, one of the most beautiful cars ever to come from Munich was sold under the E9 codename and it’s called the 2800 CS. A coupe with classic proportions, which was also quite fast off the line back then, beautifully maintained models are now worth more than you’d expect.

Collectors are interested in them but as is the case with most collectible classic cars, they prefer them to be featuring the original parts, but what we’re checking out today doesn’t really come close to that. This is a claimed restomod BMW 2800 CS according to the seller, Gas Motor Cars from Georgia. The seller doesn’t go through all the changes that were done to the car but a restomod usually means a classic car is brought into the 21st century not only by bringing it back in shape visually but also by adding some features that were missing, like a good sound system or AC, for example.

BMW 2800CS COUPE 20 830x554

While the guys from Gas Motor Cars claim the changes were too many to list, we can instantly notice the new paint, new wheels and the bagged suspension which should allow you to raise and lower your car to your preference. Inside the cabin the dash was completely redone as was the center console. You now have a new instrument cluster in front of you and new window switches which are color matching the exterior of the car. I’d prefer the originals but then again, this is a restomod.

I’d also have to point out that the sound system was drastically improved, with a big subwoofer installed in the boot, basically reducing the loading capacity by a lot, while the engine bay seems to have been completely left out. The engine doesn’t look like it received a lot of love during the restoring process which apparently took four years.

That said, the seller wants $60,000 and my question is: would you be willing to pay that much?