An LCI facelift is coming for the BMW X5 and with it will come two interesting new additions: a new model and a new engine. The former of which will be the BMW X5 M60i, similar to the new X7 M60i, which will replace the old M50i as the M Performance variant in the lineup, and it was just seen doing some public testing, lookin’ sharp. (We don’t own these spy photos but you can see them here)

Judging by these photos, the BMW X5 LCI will get sharper headlights, slightly larger kidney grilles, and–in the case of the X5 M60i–new quad exhausts. Being an M60i model, this X5 test mule also has M-style side mirrors, which seems to be a new thing with all M Performance cars. Though, it is annoying. With real M Division mirrors and quad exhausts, M Performance cars are going to be nearly indistinguishable from proper M cars in the future.

The headline addition to the BMW X5 M60i will be its engine. Just like with the X6 M60i, the X5 M60i will get the brand’s new S68 engine, an all-new 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8. Eagle-eyed BMW enthusiasts will note the “S” in that engines name. Yes, it’s a proper M Division engine, just detuned slightly to handle non-M car duties. Why are non-M cars getting proper M engines? The answer is pretty simple, actually. BMW needed a new V8 to pass the new, and upcoming, European Union emissions regulations and it’s much cheaper to just make one engine.

There’s on official word on power to the X5 M60i but I’d be willing to bet almost everything I own that it makes the same 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque as the X7 M60i. That’s just sorta how it goes with M Performance BMWs.

Expect the same interior updates as the X7, too. That means iDrive8, along with its digital gauge cluster, and an updated center console. Aside from that, it’s going to be business as usual for the X5 inside but that’s not a bad thing, the X5’s cabin is lovely.

No word on a release date for the BMW X5 LCI but it could be within the year, as BMW is on fire with car launches this year. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon enough, as when it debuts, one of BMW’s best cars will get even better.

[Source: Motor1]