With all of the 50th anniversary hubbub going on at BMW M, fans and customers might want to celebrate by making their car just a little bit more special. Most customers can’t afford an M4 CSL, nor can most customers even snag an allocation, but they can get a few goodies to make their normal BMW M4 a bit more festive. One such goodie is a black painted BMW M graphics package, similar to the one seen on the M4 CSL.

In Europe, this new graphics option can be had on the BMW M4 of almost any color. Because the graphics are black only, you can’t get the option if you choose Black Sapphire Metallic, because duh. However, if you want a very dark color scheme, you can still choose the graphics option for Dravit Grey or Skyscraper Grey.

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The graphics in question can be seen on the blue BMW M4 in these photos and they come with hood (bonnet) stripes, as well as trunk stripes. The option will set you back a smooth 1,800 euros, which is a bit pricey for some painted graphics. However, they do make the car look a bit more special, especially considering that they might only be available this year, as part of BMW’s 50th anniversary. So it may be a unique option in the future that adds value to your car.

At the moment, you can only get the option on M4 Coupe models: the standard M4 Coupe manual, M4 Competition Coupe, and M4 Competition Coupe xDrive. However, it may be coming to M3 and M4 Convertible models soon. For now, this little painted graphic option is just to make your M4 look a bit more like the M4 CSL. Obviously, your M4 will lack the CSL’s grille, aero, interior, power, and performance but, hey, it will have some stripey bits.